Meet Lynx

Even though the strategies and solutions we employ are carried out in an automated fashion, it is our employees that come up with the ideas that power their development, testing and improvements.

Meet some of our employees

Tobias Rydén, Portfolio Manager

Tobias Rydén, portfolio manager

“The challenge? Well… I have a technical background just like many others here. In our work there are no scientific laws of nature. Economics is a social science, governed by people. And people are unpredictable. Predicting how the market will develop is extremely difficult, almost impossible. But not entirely impossible.”

“The stimulating part of the job is that I get to use my entire mathematical toolbox without limitations, we’re allowed to test any idea. And one can observe its monetary effects based on the algorithms we launch. Spending your days on both theory and practice without boundaries is highly rewarding. I am also given the freedom to continue to work as professor at The University of Stockholm 20 percent of my time”

Amanda Tiger, Operations

Amanda Tiger, Operations

“One of the challenges is that we work in a changing environment, we need to keep up with what is happening within Lynx, with new instruments and models, but also outside of the company regarding, among other things, new regulations. As we rotate tasks within the group, I get to keep track of all aspects of the processes.”

“At Lynx, there is great care about the staff and that everyone is doing well both at work and outside of work. We are encouraged to find a good balance in life. I have noticed this especially since I had children, it has never been a problem to be able to pick up and leave in daycare. I also appreciate the wellness investment that is made, that we have a gym where we can work out is a fantastic benefit.”

David Jansson, Daniel Chapuis, Max Nyström Winsa, Andreas Bernsel

Max Nyström Winsa, Portfolio Manager

“Recently I have mainly worked with models that are based on machine learning, statistical techniques that have become increasingly popular and that, apart from the financial industry, are used in everything from text translation to self-driving cars. The idea of ​​machine learning is that the models learn to recognize patterns based on data, rather than to follow static rules that the developer has programmed. “

“We have a very open and collegial atmosphere, not at all what some might expect about the financial industry in general. It’s easy to ask if you need help and I have plenty of colleagues with a lot of experience and who are happy to share their knowledge. I also get the opportunity to attend courses and go to conferences that I want to attend. But its your own responsibility to ensure that you develop”

Sandra Birgersson, Kalle Dahlberg, System Development

Sandra Birgersson, System Development

“For me, it isn’t so much about the industry I am in, but more about the role I have at the company. At Lynx I have found the perfect role for me. I am part of the system development group and I enjoy my job because it is so broad.”

“It’s enjoyable to work with such advanced and interesting systems. It gives me a challenge. In my team, we are sixteen people who work independently with our tasks but together in the team take great responsibility for the systems, to support each other and work well. All my colleagues are very nice and that is the key to wanting to be here.”

Mats Bolter, Execution

Mats Bolter, Execution

“We do a lot of research in our group, among other things, we try to forecast the market’s turnover, short-term movements and our market impact. Often it is about working with large amounts of data and one of the challenges is to act so that it won’t be visible how we think, to execute large business volumes, without it being clear to other market participants. “

“Lynx is not like many other workplaces in the financial industry where you are expected to work late nights and get morning meetings booked at seven. I can set up my work day relatively freely and have no problem picking up and leaving my kids at daycare..”

“In our six-man group it is a very friendly and warm atmosphere. We work as a team and are jointly behind what we present, which also allows us to cover for each other during holidays etcetera. Overall Lynx is characterized by a friendly and respectful environment.”

Gustaf Eriksson, Despina Xanthopoulou, Business Development

Gustaf Eriksson, Business Development

“I started at Lynx in 2008. At that point it was Lynx’s single best year. For the financial markets in general, it was a disastrous year. It was a fantastic year for Lynx as we are not governed by the kind of psychology that led to losses for many other funds during the financial crisis.

“The challenge for sales in general is to convince people. I really believe in Lynx’s strategy, which is a prerequisite for the job because I’m not really a traditional salesperson. This relays Lynx’s culture that is open and honest with what we do, it is an intellectually driven business. We are doing something different from the finance industry and we are doing very well, we are at the forefront of what we do globally. It’s not a typical finance company – you will not find a Gordon Gekko type working here.”