Lynx Active Balanced Fund

Lynx Active Balanced Fund is an actively managed balanced fund that invests across a broad spectrum of global markets including: equity indices, fixed income and commodities.

The Lynx Active Balanced Fund is a sub-fund of Lynx UCITS Funds ICAV with domicile in Ireland and Waystone Management Company (IE) Ltd as the manager. Lynx Asset Management AB is the investment manager of Lynx Active Balanced Fund. The Fund can be marketed in Sweden, Finland, UK and Ireland. For more information, please read the Prospectus and the Supplement to the Fund’s prospectus. We recommend you to read the key investor information, KIID, below before placing an investment so that you can make an informed investment decision.

Subscriptions and redemptions of units take place on a daily basis except for public holidays in Ireland and/or in Sweden. The cut-off time for dealing is 11:00 AM (time in Sweden) or 10:00 AM (time in Ireland) to receive the NAV of the day. The Fund’s valuation time is at 12:00 AM (time in Sweden) or 11:00 (time in Ireland).

Residents outside of Sweden may contact us at for subscription forms.