About Us

Our goal is to provide clients with high risk-adjusted returns using systematic investment strategies, developed through scientific methods utilizing data, analysis and technology.

Who we are

Since 1999 Lynx has developed and implemented innovative and differentiated proprietary systematic algorithms to invest actively in global equities, fixed income, commodities and currencies. With a broad set of systems and trading concepts, we attempt to meet the goals of our investors by offering a combination of established investment programs and customized solutions. And, as has been the case throughout our history, we are developing dynamic new models to take us into the next generation.

At Lynx, we have created a workplace where scientific methods and a relentless focus on results are nourished by a friendly, collegial culture. We employ around 100 dedicated professionals with varying backgrounds such as finance, physics, mathematics, bioinformatics and system development. Our ability to continue to deliver value to our investors is dependent on our capacity to attract and retain exceptional talent for our ongoing effort to improve our investment models and operations.

what drives us

Innovation – Dynamic research and development are supported by a proprietary infrastructure enabling our team to continuously improve our investment approach. We were early to machine learning, implementing our first model in 2011, and continue to use advanced methods to forecast markets prices.
Intellectual curiosity – Our team has a complementary range of academic backgrounds and capital market experience. Everyone working at Lynx is encouraged to contribute ideas that could result in improvements to the overall success of the organization.
Scientific rigor – Research is performed in teams using a collaborative approach and adhering to scientific methods. Data quality is of paramount importance and we continuously question assumptions and validate conclusions as we develop models.

Focus on Sustainability

Our immediate responsibility is to care for our clients. In our effort to meet their goals, we view several aspects of sustainability as integral parts of our operation. Lynx’ board has adopted a sustainability policy that can be broadly divided into the following categories: our obligation as a corporation, our responsibilities as a long-term employer, the role we play in our industry and our position in society as a whole.

Diversity and Inclusion

We are convinced that diversity and inclusion lead to innovation and well-being in the business, and we believe this generates added value for our clients by creating a positive corporate culture with healthy, committed, creative and productive employees. We also believe that taking an active approach to promoting diversity and inclusion in the workplace strengthens our employer brand, allowing us to attract a broader group of potential employees.