Diversity & Inclusion

Why Diversity & Inclusion matters to us

Diversity and inclusion (D&I) are based on the fundamental belief that each human being is unique, that all have equal value, and that everyone should have the opportunity to grow and develop based on their own circumstances.

By diversity we mean the existence of differences such as gender, ethnicity, age, sexual orientation, religion and functional variation but also other dimensions such as experience, education and socioeconomic background. With diversity comes differences in perspectives, interpretations and ways of thinking. These differences strengthen cognitive diversity, which ultimately drives our ability to make more nuanced decisions, drive innovation and achieve our business goals. Inclusion refers to ensuring that differences are welcomed and valued, different perspectives are treated with respect and everyone feels comfortable being themselves, expressing themselves and feeling that they belong.

We are convinced that diversity and inclusion lead to innovation and well-being in the business, and we believe this generates added value for our clients by creating a positive corporate culture with healthy, committed, creative and productive employees.


Women have historically been underrepresented in the financial sector, and particularly in hedge funds. Increasing the representation of women at all levels in the company – including the Executive Management Committee and Board of Directors – is a priority.

Lynx does not collect data on our employees’ ethnicity, religion or other beliefs, functional variation or sexual orientation in compliance with applicable laws . Our D&I goals are centered around achieving gender equality, maintaining engagement/well-being among employees, ensuring diversity in the recruitment process and fostering an inclusive culture where employees feel valued.

How we implement diversity and inclusion in our daily business

The Lynx Diversity & Inclusion Forum, led by senior management, sets the agenda and advances initiatives necessary to meet our objectives.

The Lynx Talent Acquisition Team is responsible for building a more diversified candidate pool, including sponsoring activities with educational institutions.

The firm continuously provides managers and other employees with training on mitigating conscious and unconscious bias, fostering an inclusive corporate culture and eliminating discrimination and harassment.

Lynx performs frequent anonymous surveys of staff on engagement and inclusive leadership to identify any potential concerns.

The firm actively promotes a healthy work/life balance for the benefit of our employees.

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