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Lynx Asset Management AB
Box 7060
103 86 Stockholm

Visiting address:
Regeringsgatan 30-32

Org. nr. 556573-1782
Tel: +46 8–663 33 60
Fax: +46 8–663 33 28

New York

Lynx Asset Management (Americas) Inc.

374 Lexington Ave, 4th Fl,
New York, NY 10168

Tel. +1 212 209 7159

Investor relations

If you want to discuss potential solutions or investment vehicles that may suit your needs please contact the investor relations team at

Data Vendor Inquiries

Prospective data vendors are welcome to contact our data research team.


If you as an investor experience any misconduct it is important you let us know.

We value having a well-functioning investor complaints process. This process also gives us as a company the opportunity to identify, correct and mitigate potential problems.

Typically a complaint refers to a situation where an investor is dissatisfied with a financial service or product provided by us and it is clear that the investor considers that we have not met a requirement or a request to correct an infringement in respect of the service or product.

To file a complaint please contact head of complaints at:
Lynx Asset Management AB
Att: Head of complaints
Box 7060
103 86 Stockholm


We strive to maintain the highest ethical standards and always comply with applicable laws and regulations. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to us that unethical or unlawful activities or behaviors are detected as soon as possible so that we can intervene. In order to facilitate the disclosure of unethical or unlawful activities or behaviors, both employees and external parties can report anonymously through our whistleblowing channel, provided by WhistleB, Whistleblowing Centre.

You can report any unethical, unlawful, or otherwise inappropriate activity or behavior, where there is a public interest in its disclosure. You must have reasonable grounds to believe that the information is true. Please note that customer complaints shall be directed to the head of complaints, and not be addressed through the whistleblowing channel.