The Lynx UCITS Fund

Lynx UCITS Fund is a UCITS version of the Lynx Program.

Lynx UCITS Fund  is a sub fund of Lynx UCITS Funds ICAV with domicile in Ireland. Waystone Management Company (IE) Limited is the Fund Manager and Lynx Asset Management AB is the Fund’s Investment Manager.

By using financial instruments such as futures and certificates, we can offer investors the same investment strategy as the flagship Lynx program in a UCITS-compliant format.

The underlying strategy for Lynx UCITS Fund is identical to the Lynx Program and the fund has exposure to the same markets.

Deviations between vehicles and the return of the Lynx Program may still occur due to several factors:

  • The certificates that the fund invests will at  times  not provide a 100% replication of the strategy.
  • The fund’s base currency may differ from other Lynx vehicles
  • The fees may vary depending on the share class

The Fund can be marketed in Sweden, Norway, Ireland, Belgium, France, Germany, Finland, Italy, Luxembourg, Spain and United Kingdom. For more information, please refer to the Fund’s Prospectus, Supplement and key investor information document (KIID). You are advised to read the these documents before making an investment so that you can make an informed investment decision.

Subscription and redemption of fund units takes place daily (except legal public holidays in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Sweden or the United States of America and days on which the stock markets in London are closed). The cut-off time for dealing is at 5 pm Irish time 2 Business Days prior to the relevant Dealing Day. The application must be submitted in accordance with the instructions found in subscription form and sent to the Fund’s administrator as stated on the form.

The fund is available in the following currencies: USD, EUR (hedged), GBP (hedged), CHF (hedged) and SEK (hedged).

For more information about the fund’s structure or subscription forms for residents outside of Sweden, contact us at or +468 663 33 60